Welcome to Prairie Wind Guild, a group of folks in the Chicago-Northern Illinois-Lake Michigan area who are passionate about learning by heart and telling sacred stories. Prairie Wind Guild is associated with the Network of Biblical Storytellers International.

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First Best of Prairie Wind Guild
Storytelling Concert!  April 3 in Joliet!


Come enjoy 90 minutes of biblical and non-biblical stories of various genres as well as music!


It's 3 p.m. Sunday, April 3, 2016, at Grace United Methodist Church, 1718 Avalon Av., Joliet, IL.


As always admission is free - there will be a free-will offering received to support the work of Prairie Wind Guild and the Network of Biblical Storytellers.


Click here to download the poster shown at left (in full letter size), print it out and post it in your church!


And here's an announcement for your bulletin:



Prairie Wind Guild, a group of ecumenical, interracial storytellers invite you to enjoy with them biblical, dramatic, dynamic, professional and humorous stories on Sunday, April 3 at three o'clock in the afternoon.  The performance will be held at the Grace United Methodist Church, 1718 Avalon Avenue, Joliet, Illinois.  Featured at the concert will be Patricia Lind, pianist and Brianna Joi Braggs, soloist.  Come, Enjoy! 90 Minutes Of Pure Blessings!

Invite a Team of Tellers to your church

for an Epic Telling of The Gospel of Mark

or the Elijah Cycle, or Acts

An Epic Telling is a powerful experience of a book of the Bible or a series of stories told by a team of tellers in one sitting. It's a completely different experience from hearing Scripture read in church, or from reading it in silence to oneself. The text comes to life and pulls us in.

Festival Gathering 2016

This year NBS Festival Gathering continues in its new location - the national 4H conference center near Washington, DC. It is easy to get to and a great location for planning a family vacation around (did you know the Smithsonian museums are all free?)


The 4-H Center is very family-friendly, and fully accessible, with accommodations - and a game room! - designed for families and youth, as well as adults.


You can  Register now for 2016 Festival Gathering of the Network of Biblical Storytellers International!  Or click on the brochure icon above for the full event brochure.

PWG folks often carpool, cutting costs and having fun on the way there and back, as well as sharing rooms.

Prairie Wind Guild biblical storytellers can come to your church to present the entire Gospel of Mark, Stories from Mark, or The Elijah Cycle. And we're working on a new epic of the Book of Acts. The Gospel of Mark runs about 2 hrs 20 minutes, including a 10-minute intermission. It's like an evening of going to the movies, but it's live! If a shorter program is needed, about 90 minutes, a team can present Stories from Mark or The Elijah Cycle.


Elijah allows us to experience most of the stories of the greatest of the Hebrew prophets and the one with whom Jesus identified John the Baptist. Hearing the stories together brings new insight into the reasons for that connection. Note: We're rating Elijah PG13.


Acts is too long to tell in one sitting, so it's going to be an abridged version. Let us know if you're interested; it's in the works.


PWG asks for no money up front when we come to your church, only that an offering be received to support the work of the guild, such as the radio show in Cameroon and scholarships to Festival Gathering. Email Rebecca Potter today to schedule a presentation of Mark or Elijah!