Next Epic Telling
Book of Acts


3 pm March 15, 2020

Grace United Methodist Church

1718 Avalon Avenue, Joliet
(corner of Larkin and Avalon)

Pulpit supply
and special events

Looking for a very special person to lead worship when your pastor is out of town? 

Or a dinner or event program of an hour or less? 

Prairie Wind Guild tellers are ready to help. 

storytelling events

You've never experienced Scripture as its first hearers did - as story shared by heart - until you've heard the whole arc of a short book or a story cycle told together, by a team of passionate storytellers. 

PWG tellers offer several programs, or we will design one to fit your event. For these "epic tellings," we ask for an offering to support the work of PWG. 

Interfaith story-sharing

Prairie Wind Guild tellers are Christians of several  denominations who also have a passion for interfaith story sharing, especially among members of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). 

If you're interested in an interfaith story sharing event, please contact us!

Online Classes
and Local 

Learn biblical storytelling​ through an online course taught by Prairie Wind Guild Co-Coordinator Rev. Beth Galbreath, or arrange for a PWG Teller to lead a workshop at your church! 

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