Epic Tellings and Programs

    The way Scripture was originally experienced

Acts of the Apostles

The book of Acts, “Luke Volume 2,” tells the stories of Peter, Paul and other men  - and women, too - among the earliest followers of Jesus.  Acts is rarely read or preached in church, and that's a shame. Its lessons are so "this year!" 


Acts is full of plot twists, narrow escapes and pure adventure.

A 90-minute telling packs in as much as possible! Or select a 2-hour presentation for even more drama. 

Coming Fall 2019!

The Gospel
of Mark 
Stories from

The Gospel of Mark is our flagship presentation. In 2 hrs 20 minutes (including a 10-minute intermission), just like an evening at the movies, experience the drive, intensity and mystery of Mark's Gospel. Great before a potluck for discussion! 

Or, for a selection of about 90 minutes, choose Stories from Mark. Note: an epic is not a good choice for Sunday morning. 

The Elijah Cycle 

For roller-coaster drama, nothing beats the stories of the greatest prophet, Elijah, from the Hebrew Scripture.

This presentation is rated PG-13 for its raw emotion and some violence - all too relevant to our lives today.

When told in a Christian setting, a few stories of John the Baptist are added to reveal why Jesus links John with Elijah. About 90 - 160 minutes.

"Best of Prairie Wind Guild is a variable program of our tellers' favorite stories: Bible stories, folk tales, interfaith stories, and even music. The content and format depends on who is available at the time you wish. About 90 minutes. 

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