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Epic Tellings and Programs

An Epic Telling is a powerful experience of a book of the Bible or a series of stories told by a team of tellers in one sitting. It's a completely different experience from hearing Scripture read in church, or from reading it in silence to oneself. The text comes to life and pulls us in. Sharing sacred stories by heart is a sacred event that binds listeners and tellers together in community.

Every congregation has an occasional need for a special program. If you haven't ever considered inviting a team of tellers, what's holding you back? It can't be cost - we don't ask for money up front. We do ask for an offering to be received to support the work of the guild, which includes scholarships and support for tellers beyond the borders of the U.S.  

And epic telling can be a marvelous way to launch the program year, Advent, Lent, or summer. It's especially effective when scheduled before a potluck so folks can reflect and share their experiences of the telling before going home. 

Please consider inviting a team of tellers for a special program at your church, and invite folks from the neighborhood and other churches as well! Email Becky Potter to schedule.  Prairie Wind Guild tellers offer a number of different kinds of programs for different needs. Here's a list - please, pick one! 

    The way Scripture was originally experienced

Acts graphic 350.jpg
Acts of the Apostles

The book of Acts, “Luke Volume 2,” tells the stories of Peter, Paul and other men  - and women, too - among the earliest followers of Jesus.  Acts is rarely read or preached in church, and that's a shame. Its lessons are so "this year!" 


Acts is full of plot twists, narrow escapes and pure adventure. Our abridgement packs in as much as possible within 120 minutes - two hours, including a 10-minute intermission. 

Email Becky Potter to schedule Acts now! 

Note: an epic is not a good choice for Sunday morning. For a Sunday worship presentation, invite a teller. 

The Gospel
of Mark 
Stories from

The Gospel of Mark is our flagship presentation. In 2 hrs 20 minutes (including a 10-minute intermission), just like an evening at the movies, experience the drive, intensity and mystery of Mark's Gospel. Great before a potluck for discussion! 

Or, for a selection of about 90 minutes, choose Stories from Mark. 

Email Becky Potter to schedule Mark now! 

Note: an epic is not a good choice for Sunday morning. For a Sunday worship presentation, invite a teller. 

Special Programs from Hebrew Scripture

We are passionate about stories from the Hebrew Scriptures as well, especially in interfaith contexts. Talk to us about our special programs of stories about: 

Abraham, Sarah and Isaac

Abraham, Hagar and Ishmael

The great prophet Elijah

Email Becky Potter to inquire about such a program, designed to your specifications.

Such a program could be short enough for a Sunday morning event; it would involve a single teller. Let us know your needs! 

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