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Rev. Linda Braggs,  

associate minister at Covenant Faith Church of God in Chicago, IL is a biblical and inspirational storyteller.  She loves to tell the stories that inspire her audiences. The earned right to compete at Toastmasters International Convention aids in her holding the interests of her listeners. Her repertoire allows her to pro-duce programs on various subjects. Regardless of the venue, she delights in being a blessing. 

Linda earned a Masters' degree in adult education from National Louis University and has won  many awards during her life. She has served in many areas in the secular and Christian arena including teacher of storytelling and drama, teacher of Sunday school and Discipleship, Chairman of the Board of Christian Education and Dean of Chicago Area Ministers Fellowship, etc. 


And she has just published a book of memories, Life: Around and Climbing Mountains.
Reverend Braggs’ favorite scripture and goal is Colossians 3:23 “do all as unto the Lord.”  She would love to share her stories with your audience.

Biblical stories
Black History Humorous stories
Original stories
Folk and Fairy Tales
Healing stories

Adult Audiences 
Family Audiences 
High School/Young Adults 
Elementary, Grades K-5 
Middle, Grades 6-8 


935 Maple Avenue

Homewood, Illinois 69430



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